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“Grateful people are happy people. The more things you’re grateful for, the happier you will be.” – Roy T. Bennett

The ability to find gratitude each day is something successful people have in common. Even on those challenging and dark days, there is always something to be grateful for.

This flip book is designed to help you. It contains 52 quotes – one for each week of the year. Display the book in a prominent place , your desk, kitchen counter, beside your bed, on your coffee table etc. to remind you to look for the good each day.

*** NEW NEW NEW ***

Project based learning is becoming popular in schools all over the world as a way to engage learners, make learning more meaningful and give students the opportunity to explore something they are passionate about.

Project Genius provides a practical, step by step guide to implementing ‘Genius Hour’ in your classroom to foster opportunities for students to develop ownership, time & resource management, accountability, and so much more, in a real world context.

If you want to maximise your students learning, in a real world way – this book is for you!

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