Kindergarten to Year 13

The future is not what it used to be. We are living in challenging times. The world is changing and it's not going to go back! Future proofing your child and preparing them for the changes ahead is paramount. Simply knowing content and information means a machine will likely fast replace you. 21st Century education is far more than the content. It is about preparing students for an ever-changing world. 

It requires our students to have:

  • self-awareness
  • self-belief
  • self-care
  • self-development
  • self-respect

Spectrum Academy offers a student centred model of learning, project based learning, learning to learn modules, study smart techniques and parent education. 

Read "The Future of Careers-Understanding the Job Market for our Youth" by Karen Tui Boyes.

To offer personalised flexible, future-focused education, to ignite learning, inspire growth and instil innovation.


Our aim is to prepare students for life by educating them to... 

  • be happy, healthy, fit and strong
  • be self-directed lifelong learners & ready for their next learning steps
  • be critical, creative thinkers and problem solvers
  • be respectful people who have excellent communication skills, attract respect and inspire others
  • have a career, job or business that they love
  • be financially safe, secure and free

We use the Habits of Mind as a foundation for teaching and learning... 

What is a Habit of Mind?

A Habit of Mind is knowing how to behave intelligently.

It is knowing what to do when you are unsure or unclear of the next step or when you DON'T know the answer.

Future-focused learning is not just about gathering information, it is about knowing how to act on it, knowing what questions to ask of it and being able to thinking critically about content and origin. The Habits of Mind give students the behaviours that shape effective inquiry and encourage independent learning.

The 16 Habits of Mind give learners of all ages and at all stages, a framework for autonomous, lifelong learning. They show us how to behave intelligently, independently and reflectively.

Every three weeks there will be a focus on one Habit of Mind with weekly lessons and information for students and parents. This will explain the intelligent behaviour, give examples and suggest activities and ways students and parents can practice and use this Habit in Learning in learning and at home. Your child's Learning Coach will reinforce the Habits throughout their instruction, discussions and activities.

We base our curriculum, for all ages and levels, on ensuring the five Key Competencies are woven into the learning. These are:

  • Thinking: being able to think, problem pose, seek, create and use knowledge
  • Relating to others: being able to relate to a diverse range of people in a variety of contexts
  • Using language, symbols, and texts: having excellent oral and written language, (literacy skills) and have the maths (numeracy skills) to be prepared for life
  • Managing self: having the skills to be self directed, self-managing, self-monitoring and self-managing
  • Participating and contributing: being actively involved in communities at home, locally, nationally and globally

Our 8 learning areas cover:

  • Literacy/English
  • Numeracy/Mathematics
  • Health & Physical Education
  • Social Sciences
  • Learning Languages
  • Science
  • Technology
  • The Arts

The curriculum is delivered by our Learning Coaches (fully qualified NZ trained Teachers) alongside Parents as Learning Partners.

Your child (and family) will be be paired with one of our experienced learning coaches who will work alongside you and your child to develop an education experience linking to their curiosities, unique talents and personal goals. A weekly 1-1 check-in and goal setting sessions will ensure your child is on track and enable your coach to personalise the learning. 

Class sizes will be limited to 15 students, with frequent opportunities to receive 1:1 support and small group 1:5 sessions. 

Parents are expected to work alongside their child in a supportive role. We do believe you are an expert on your child and know what's best for them. We do not expect you to be an expert in the curriculum - that's our job. 

Your role is to encourage, support and work with your child and Learning Coach to help us develop the best educational, personalised outcomes for your child. 

Depending on the age and independence level of your child will depend on how much input you will give at home. 

For younger children this maybe 3-5* hours a day, while secondary students may just be a 30min-1hour 'checkin each day with your child and Learning Coach. 

* If you are also working from home we do have an upgrade option for a teacher to spend more time with your child to free you up to work. Please contact the Spectrum Office on [email protected] to discuss this. 

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