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Project Genius – BIG Learning for Small Geniuses

$ 37.00


Project based learning is becoming popular in schools all over the world as a way to engage learners, make learning more meaningful and give students the opportunity to explore something they are passionate about.

Project Genius provides a practical, step by step guide to implementing ‘Genius Hour’ in your classroom to foster opportunities for students to develop ownership, time & resource management, accountability, and so much more, in a real world context.

Project Genius will walk you through:

  • The 7 steps of Genius Hour which provide a clear structure and pathway from beginning to end.
  • Practice protocols for giving presentations and feedback
  • Solutions to common challenges and ways to assist struggling students
  • Ways to enrol and engage parents into the process
  • The skills and dispositions that will enhance students lifelong learning
  • Five teachers perspectives of how this process works and operates in their classrooms, their top tips and advice to get you thinking about possibilities in your classroom.

If you want to maximise your students learning, in a real world way – this book is for you!

What’s inside…

Part One . Project Genius

Chapter 1: Benefits of Genius Hour
Chapter 2: The Process of Genius Hour
Chapter 3: The Mechanics of How
Chapter 4: Assessment
Chapter 5: Common Challenges
Chapter 6: Struggling Students
Chapter 7: Explaining to Parents
Chapter 8: Underlying Assumptions
Chapter 9: Final Thoughts

Part Two Practical Ideas from the Classroom

Chapter 10: A Game Changer: Simon Ashby
Chapter 11: A Rite of Passage: Miriam Bell
Chapter 12: A Bigger Impact: Rachel O’Connell
Chapter 13: A Whole Class Project: Nik Edwards
Chapter 14: Beyond The Basics: Kyle Hattie

Here’s what others have said…

This valuable book provides a step-by-step handbook for teachers who wish to teach their students how to plan, organise, and present project-based learning. But more than that, as they are working, students transcend the project to also learn the 21st century skills of collaboration, creativity, communication and critical thinking. These are the learnings that they will use not only in school but also as they confront complex problems in their future world.
-Arthur L Costa, Ed.D. Professor Emeritus, California State University Sacramento
In this beautifully structured guide to successfully implementing Genius Hour, Karen Tui Boyes provides practical guidance, tools and tips for educators. Karen has a passion for making education meaningful and supporting teachers to be successful. This great book is a ‘must read’ for educators who want to implement Genius Hour in their classroom.
-Steve Francis. Leading Aussie educator and creator of the Happy School program

Learning today requires a different approach than ‘sit and git.’  Genius Hour increases commitment and engagement on the part of students.  Teachers who facilitate more project based learning accelerate self-directness on the part of students.  Educators can take the role of designing the learning environment rather than only transferring content knowledge.  Don’t do for students what they can do for themselves.  They will get content and the process of learning.
William A. Sommers, PhD