Now you can dive deeper with seven of the Teachers Matter Summit Speakers

With our 60-90 minute ONLINE Masterclasses, you can dig deeper, ask questions and find out HOW to implement many of the ideas from the Teachers Matter Online Summit. 

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Gretchen Wegner

Gretchen is the industry expert in what every student needs to know about studying, and what every parent and educator needs to know about how to inspire students to study.

Practical Executive Function Tools for the Classroom 

It’s easier than you think to incorporate Executive Function -friendly strategies into the classroom. You will learn:

  • A short overview of Executive Function theory
  • The 4-step checklist every students needs to “get in gear” more effectively
  • Exactly how to teach this checklist to students in 15 minutes or less. 
  • Practical strategies for weaving EF tools into teaching in just 2-minutes a day. 

Building Flexible Mindsets by understanding & teaching Grappling

What you will learn:

  • what it takes to engage students in Productive Puzzling
  • the most powerful way to dig into  learning
  • the value of practice and struggle for embedding learning
  • key strategies to spark grappling
  • how to use metacognitive questions to amplify grappling

Susannah Cole

Susannah is an author and executive function coach who partners with students to explore systems, habits and mindsets that facilitate learning HOW to learn. As a Flexible Mindsets consultant, Susannah supports educators to explore how to reframe teaching as the pathway toward agency, resilience and adaptability.

Sally Foley-Lewis

Obsessed with self-leadership & productivity, multi-award winner, Sally has helped 12,000+ managers and leaders from across many industries, locally & globally. She brings her unique blend of experiences, exceptional qualifications and humour to her presentations. Her clients rave about how she inspires while developing her audiences.


3 Essential Skills Every Middle Manager Needs to Lead Up, Down and Across

This masterclass is designed to re-connect, re-energise and re-ignite the core skills in you with the three fundamental skills that will improve communication, workflow, employee engagement and performance, as well as your own career success. When you apply the learning from this masterclass you will gain confidence and clarity in your leadership. It’s not about doing it all, it’s about doing the right things at the right time!

Creating Great Thinkers and tomorrow’s Innovators - with  Design Thinking

Dive into Design Thinking, which will include hands-on activities on planning a project using Design Thinking as the framework for enhancing your teaching. 

In this session you will learn:

  • Why Design Thinking is better for you and your students
  • A framework for innovation 
  • How to make learning more engaging, impactful and meaningful   
  • What skills your students will develop when using Design Thinking
  • How to plan and facilitate projects using Design Thinking

Ortal Green

Ortal is a passionate educator with a mission to empower teachers to create tomorrow’s innovators in their classrooms.She co-founded “Glittering Minds” and designed a unique school program that provides the needed paradigm shift in education by introducing Design Thinking as the new pedagogy.Ortal is also an author and a speaker.

Megan Gallagher

Megan is a teacher, coach, presenter and nerd from Aotearoa/New Zealand. She is a committed life-long learner who is passionate about using neuroscience in education and the role teacher wellbeing has on our learning communities.

"Happy healthy teachers tend to have happier healthier classrooms where students do better socially, emotionally and academically." Megan Gallagher

Thriving not just Surviving - Keys to Wellbeing in the Classroom

How you show up makes a difference and when you are thriving everyone benefits.

In our time together we will

  • Discuss what wellbeing is 
  • Explore emotional intelligence and how that supports resilience 
  • Explore mindsets that support healthy wellbeing
  • Share tools and strategies to support healthy wellbeing at work 
  • Unpack goal setting for success together 
  • Develop a small personal action plan

Understanding trauma, stress and fear and the impact on learning

  • You will learn about how the brain processes fear and consequently why most people are exhausted and can’t think!
  • Understand  the science of our bodies response to threat 
  • How to gain perspective 
  • Use simple creative techniques to help you reflect and honour your feelings
  • Help your body become your anchor 
  • How to support your class and whole school community to use the arts to process this time period, full lesson plans and ideas included. 
  • Vanessa McHardy

    A leading Integrative Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist with 20 years  experience, Vanessa  has a speciality for bringing Life Skills for Mental Health and Wellbeing Programmes to school communities. She has returned to New Zealand after 30 years in the UK, with a wealth of experience delivering services and working globally online.

    Dr Peter Gamwell

    An insightful, entertaining and knowledgable speaker, Peter brings decades of academic research, experience and insightful knowledge from all levels of the education system. He explores learning, leadership, and innovation, and their impact on individual and organisational health and culture. 

    Innovative Pedagogies for Cultivating
    Every Student’s Potential

  • You'll hear what optimal learning is & why it's the holy grail of learning
  • Discover the 3 Imperatives and 4 Conditions that you can foster in your own learning environments
  • Understand how teachers are transforming their own learning culture
  • Explore how you can start building these optimal learning environments in your own schools and classrooms, starting today!
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    Practical Executive Function Tools for the Classroom with Gretchen Wegner:

    3 Essential Skills Every Middle Manager Needs to Lead Up, Down and Across

    with Sally Foley-Lewis:

    Innovative Pedagogies for Cultivating
    Every Student’s Potential

    with Dr Peter Gamwell:

    Building Flexible Mindsets by understanding & teaching Grappling

    with Susannah Cole:

    Tues 13th September

    7am NZ, 5am Sydney/Melb & 

    Mon 12th Sept

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    Thriving not just Surviving - Keys to Wellbeing in the Classroom

    with Megan Gallagher:

    Tues 20th Sept

    6pm NZ, 4pm Sydney/Melb &  7am UK

    Understand trauma, stress and fear and the impact on learning 

    with Vanessa McHardy:

    Thurs 22nd Sept

    6pm NZ, 4pm Sydney/Melb &  7am UK

    Creating Great Thinkers and tomorrow’s Innovators - with Design Thinking:

    with Ortal Green

    Tues 27th Sept

    6pm NZ, 3pm Sydney/Melb & 6am UK

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