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Topics incude:

Speaking Up

Vulnerable Leadership

Parenting Roadcode
Wellness You

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Up Your Brave
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Karen Tui Boyes  //  Your Host

Karen Tui Boyes is a champion for LifeLong Learning. Winner of the NZ Educator of the Year 2017 and 2014 and NZ Speaker of the Year award 2019 & 2013, Karen is an expert in effective teaching and learning, study skills, motivation and positive thinking. Karen is an author of 9 books and the creator of the Teachers Matter Magazine, Teachers Matter Conference, Study Smart Workshops, Study Smart Board Game and the Habits of Mind Bootcamp. She is also CEO of Spectrum Education, and the Affiliate Director of the Institute for the Habits of Mind. She is currently the wife of one and mother of four.

Season 2 Schedule...

  • 19th August 2020 Jennifer Abrams: Speaking Up. Speaking up and having those 'hard conversations' is not easy at the best of times. We'll be exploring ways to be heard, the 5 facets of self improvement and ways to deal with uncertainty.
  • 26th August 2020 Greg Ward: Vulnerable Leadership.  In uncertain times being vulnerable can be a major strength. Join us as we chat about resilience strategies, anti anxiety techniques, deep listening, intentions and the power of NOW.
  • 2nd September 2020 Melanie Vezey:  Love Languages. As our world is changing so are our relationships. Tune in as we explain how you can better your understanding of relationships with everyone by figuring out your 'love language'.  
  • 9th September 2020 Rachel Marks: Wellbeing Tips Understanding your genes can impact your health and happiness, relationships and lifestyle. We'll chat about the 6 human needs, immunity and mental health.
  • 16th September 2020 Cathy Sheppard: Understanding Difference  A look at why people are who they are and how understanding this can enhance and communication and relationships.
  • 23rd September 2020 Madeliene Taylor: Parenting Roadcode We will be chatting about your strengths as a parent, how to clarify family values and understand the ages and stages of child development.
  • 30th September 2020 Therese Hoyle: Positive Playtimes How to re invigorate your school playground to meet the social and emotional needs of students at playtime. We'll also chat about how to manage conflict and problem solving.
  • 7th October 2020 Anne Riches:  Mindfield Navigation Discover what the 'Mindfield' is and the neuroscience of understanding our brains and thinking.
  • 14th October 2020 Sally Foley Lewis: Resilience for Leaders Learn what can leaders do to sustain resilience for themselves and their people, especially during tough and uncertain times.
  • 21st October 2020 Lisa McInnes-Smith Details coming soon
  • 28th October 2020 John Shackleton Details coming soon
  • 4th November 2020 To be confirmed Details coming soon

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