Welcome to the Study Smart Symposium!

The Study Smart Symposium is a one day event focused on practical Study & Exam tips, techniques and tools for success for senior students to ensure they have the techniques and motivation to ace their exams.

Many people student harder, rather than smarter, and the majority of students tell us they don't know where to start when it comes to their study. With the simple, yet effective ideas shared in this Symposium, your students will have the confidence to increase their study and exam effectiveness.

Your International Study & Mindset Experts...

Study Like a Pro

& How to Stop Procrastination

Mindset & Motivation

How to use Google to Study Smarter 

Speed Reading Techniques

Study & Memory Tips and  Setting Up Your Study Environment

How To Overcome The Pre-Exam Jitters

Bring Study to Life & Life to Study!

Effective Goal Setting for Achievement and Success

A quick message from your speakers...

Your Symposium Host

Karen is a multi-award winning speaker who is know by students all over the globe as the "Study Queen."  Author of Study Smart book and board game, she is passionate about students becoming LifeLong Learners and ensuring the learning process is not a mystery. Karen loves sharing her practical tips, tools and techniques to assist students to 'Study Smarter not Harder.'

This symposium brings together seven of Karen's colleagues, experts study, learning and mindset to help you.

How does it work?
The symposium is FREE to all students, teachers, parents and schools on the 24th of September 2021.

The online portal will open at 9.30am NZT, 7.30am AEST, and be available for 24 hours to watch. There will also be a LIVE Q&A session during the day.

Can I get instant access to the Symposium? I need it now! 
Yes! Purchase a VIP Pass to be able have instant access  PLUS you can keep the video recordings to be used at a later time. If you are a teacher, these would be ideal to use in class as boosters, reminders and learning opportunities for students throughout the year.


Each video session is between 18-25 mins in length. Download the timetable here

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