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Sharing Hope

Sharing Hope is a collaboration project between Tony Ryan and Karen Tui Boyes.

At times like this, kids (let alone grown-ups) need some Hope for the world up ahead. Welcome to this collation of amazing educators and speakers. Each has offered some very brief thoughts about ‘hope’ that can be shared with children everywhere.

We also welcome a similar short video contribution from Under-18 year-olds. If you know someone amazing who would like to do this, get them to video it, and send it through to us.

Tony Ryan: [email protected]
Karen Tui Boyes: [email protected]


My Greatest Asset!
A story of learning to rise above the cruel labels of others and find your worth.

Helping Others
In difficult times, the quality of your character is shown by the way that you are kind and give support to others.

Most Important Decision?
What’s the most important decision you make every day?

A Progress Day
Learn one of the great words for thinking your way through life - kaizen on!

Sharing Treasures
You and your parent each choose a ‘treasure’. Share and talk about them. Magic happens!

Resilience is about courage and looking how far you have come

Attitude of Gratitude
Learn how the power of gratitude can transform your life.

The Most Important Thing
The most important thing in life is how you feel about yourself - it determines EVERYTHING in your life.

You've got this!
A little story about how strong and courageous you have always been!

Your Reel Review
Make reviews of your favourite books, like movie trailers, so others want to read them.

The Rocking Horse
Doing your best and having fun is Sean’s top tip. What about the rocking horse?

Strong Leaders
You are it!! You are going to be the innovators , the entrepreneurs and the individuals who will shape our world. You are our future leaders

Dr Stephen Brown expresses his HOPEs for youth of the future.

Becoming More
In a world that seems to have so much uncertainty, it’s important that you have clarify about what you would love to accomplish.

Power of Journaling
Journaling will create a vivid COVID-19 record and help to keep your emotions in check.