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Welcome to the Project Genius resource page.

Thanks for purchasing and reading Project Genius - BIG Learning for Young Geniuses.

On the right you will find the Black Line Masters from the book to download. Please use them as ideas and adapt for your students.

Below you will find photos and other ideas for you.

Please email me with any questions you may have at [email protected] and share your ideas and successes on the NZ Genius Hour Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1137839996236579/

May genius shine brightly in your classroom

Rainbows and sunshine


Download other articles from contributors by clicking on the articles below:

Simon Ashby - Utilising your students passions

Genius Hour - Miriam Bell


Project topics & driving questions from Simon Ashby and Rachel O'Connell's classrooms

Examples from Raphael House Rudolph Steiner School Class 12 Projects (9-12 months focus)


Now you and your team can work alongside Karen Tui Boyes to craft and deliver Teacher Inquiry projects that are not only meaningful, they will extend your teachers and positively impact your students.

Karen will step you through a 20 week process (ideally 2 terms or over 3 terms) of engaging, thoughtful and down right stretch-to-grow facilitation - both face to face and online, that will have your teachers conducting robust and impactful inquiries in their classrooms.

Each Teacher inquiry is focused around 1. Improving educational outcomes for students, 2. Must have an element of research (new learning for the teacher) and 3. Must culminate in a product to share with colleagues.