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Differentiation – Supporting Individual Learning & Valuing Student Voice

Differentiation in the classroom is a teacher's ability to adjust the content, process and product of a lesson according to the relevant level of the students. This ensures that learners at different starting points can receive the instruction they need to grow and succeed.

In this fast paced webinar, Karen will provide practical ideas to provide differentiation and value study voice in your classroom.

You will explore:

* 4 keys areas of differentiation: content, process, product and environment
* Ways to engage student voice in the learning process
* Ways to engage your students in the learning
* Understand the learning process and ways to empower student through this
* Understand the ICT model and why it is such a powerful differentiation strategy
*and much more...


Dates & Times: 
Monday 29th March NZT 4-5pm or NZT 6-7pm
Monday 29th March AEST 2-3pm or AEST 4-5pm

Tuesday 30th March NZT 4-5pm or NZT 6-7pm
Tuesday 30th March AEST 2-3pm or AEST 4-5pm