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Far too many people study harder rather than smarter and end up burning out.  Checkout our workshops, webinars and resources to massively increase your students ability to pass exams.



Parenting is often about navagating a mind field of information and no matter what stage your child is at we can provide tools to help you support your child toward their education goals. 


"I came away from your presentation, enthralled, inspired and invigorated. So much of what you said struck a chord with me not only in my professional, but also my personal life. I appreciate your wisdom, enthusiasm, ability to open our minds and love of all things teaching and learning."

Claire Turner Associate Principal, Bayfield School

"I just wanted to thanks you for being my inspiration since 1998. Since then I have never missed an opportunity to reinvigorate my teaching practice and learning environment by attending your workshops...I have lost count how many I have attended but needless to say they are the ONE workshop that truly makes a practical and emotional difference to my teaching practice. Just when I think I can't be anymore passionate about my profession, you inspire even more and ignite yet another "brushfire" within me."

"I first went to a number of your courses many years ago, while teaching in Blenheim. I just wanted to say I was just as inspired hearing you speak at ULearn as I was all those years ago. Thank you for the inspiration you give and the motivation you provide. You cause me to question what I am doing in the classroom and challenge my thinking. I look forward to having another opportunity to hear you, hopefully not leaving it so many years though!!" 

Brigid Ladley, Cathedral Grammar School