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Building Resilience & Responsible Risk Taking

Do you have students when faced with a challenging task, give up easily? Students who always take the easy option? Actively building resilience is becoming a priority in schools. Being able to cope and function well despite adversity or trauma is a key component of both academic and behavioural success. The job of education is to increase young people’s resource levels to cope with life.

In this webinar, Karen will lead you through:

  • the 7 c’s of building resilience
  • how stress changes thinking & brain function
  • the importance of risk taking
  • development of humour and it’s role in resilience
  • ways to develop high self-worth
  • essential relationship skills
  • problem solving strategies
  • and more

* You will require a computer linked to a data projector or interactive board, with internet and speakers and for your team to interact with Karen, ask questions and learn from the comfort of your team room or classroom. 

Dates & Times: (please check time zones below)
No public dates are scheduled at this time – please contact us for dates that suit you.

INVESTMENT is per webinar connection – you may have as many people as you wish watching and participating. $400 for pre scheduled Webinar (with other schools) or $600 for exclusive date & time and personalisation.
To book and pay with a credit card complete the online booking form below
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