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Kindergarten to Year 13


Drawn by her 4 year old grandchild

My one true passion is music... as well as tramping, cooking and eating great vegan food. If I can combine all three - that's my perfect weekend!

Interesting facts about me include, I completed my degree when I was 39. I once sold cars for a living (and will never do this again!!!), I am one of eight siblings and am a grandmother of two.


Our fab Maths & Science Teacher

Passionate about all things sciency, and a whizz with numbers, Suskia loves helping students learn and progress. A home-schooling Mum herself, she has a wonderful hands-on approach with the students.


Hi I'm Karen and am crazy about rainbows, sunshine and anything that sparkles! In fact, I leave my Christmas lights up around my lounge room all year!! 

I'm passionate about learning and spend a minimum of 20 minutes every morning learning something new and very often another 30-40 mins in the afternoon. I'm a bit of a nerd when it comes to learning, my health and fitness and helping others be the best they can be.

I am the wife to one amazing man and the proud Mum of two young adults.

Joining the team soon... Nikki, who will be working with our younger students aged 5-10. YAY!

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