Kindergarten to Year 13

To [email protected] your child, you are required to apply for an exemption from enrolment at a registered school. Your application must have its own supporting documentation, specifically catering to each child. 

Applications usually take 4-6 weeks to process.

In the meantime, if your child is aged between 6 and 16 years old, it is a legal requirement that he or she is enrolled in and attending a registered school while the application process is underway.

We suggest you download the form and read it carefully. 

Need support to fill out the form?*

Our teachers are ready with templates and advice to help you navigate and complete these forms, They will provide an initial assessment of where your child is at, help you develop a personalised curriculum for your child and give you guidance to ensure your child's educational needs are met.

How long will this take?

To ensure we give you the best advice and guidance there will be two or three 45 minute online calls. At least one of these sessions will require your child to be present and available to talk to the teacher. During this time, teachers will ask questions about your child's educational experience, find out their interests & loves, and do an initial educational assessment. 

What does this cost?

Your investment for support to fill out the paperwork for the Ministry of Education to gain an exemption from registered school enrolment plus an educational assessment is $295 (including GST) for your first child and $150 for each subsequent child. 

Yes, please send me more information...