Spectrum Online Academy 

Kindergarten to Year 13

Keen to Homeschool your child in 2022? 

We offer...

  • Support to fill in the Ministry of Education paperwork
  • Engaging holistic personalised education centred around 21st Century skills
  • Authentic tasks, real world learning and project based
  • Experienced and qualified teachers
  • Parent education and support
  • Access to Parenting For Resilience, Confidence and Independence Summit Speakers
  • Learning to learn resources, guides and articles
  • and so much more

The response has been overwhelming - parents are looking for change and different ways to meet the educational needs of their children. 

Spectrum Online Academy is offering an alternative for parents who are looking to Homeschool your child/ren with online teacher support. Our teachers will be your 'guide on the side' and personalise engaging lessons which develop thinking, problem solving and life skills to ensure your child is ready for life.

We are building the plane as we are flying it and putting the finer details together  and the Spectrum Academy team are gearing up to help and support you and your child for 2022.

If you loved having your child learning at home during lockdown, want to offer an alternative personalised curriculum, looking for a professional resource to homeschool your child, or whatever your reason to look outside the current education system, register your expression of interest below.

To find out more, please fill in the form below and we will send you all the information as it is confirmed.

Read "Why our Education System Needs To Change" by Karen Tui Boyes.

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