Vanessa McHardy

Vanessa is an Integrative Child Psychotherapist trained in the UK registered with the UKCP with 20 years experience working with children and adolescents. Taking what she has been doing in schools to families directly with amazing results. “It has been a highlight of my work to see the transformation that is possible in families.

Vanessa McHardy

Integrative Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist

Vanessa is a leading Integrative Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist she has worked with trauma and mental health for 20 years in educational settings and private practise. Her speciality is for taking what we know as specialists and making it very practical and accessible to everyday life. Hence saw the creation of the Life Skills for Mental Health and Wellbeing Programmes for school communities.

She has returned to New Zealand after 30 years in the UK and has a wealth of experience delivering these services. Vanessa works globally delivering online to Europe, America, Hong Kong, Middle East and


  • PLD Day - Trauma informed training to maximise students
    learning potential.
  • Staff Wellbeing PLD.
  • Staff Wellbeing Programme 15mins Practical Series.
  • Award winning whole school communication system 1-5 how
    are you feeling scale with the Reconnection Regulation
  • Staff supervision with an emphasis on understanding
    behaviour from trauma and unmet needs.
  • Life Skills for Mental Health and Wellbeing; a whole school
    approach includes all our services, training, supervision,
    lessons, communication scale. This provides you with a 5
    year plan and can be in person or online video format.
  • Moving on from the Pandemic with Confidence.

PLD programmes can be tailored to suit your team’s needs. Vanessa is
based in the North Island and can travel to your school or deliver highly
interactive online presentations.


  • Creating school environments that enable children to BE so
    that they can Shine.
  • What Happens at the Point of Not Understanding; the
    neuroscience of learning and responding made simple.
  • Dealing with Stress & Anxiety in Uncertain Times.
  • Same Sea Different Boats - a project to deal with difficult events
    and times. 

Find out more by downloading the PDF session outlines HERE.

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