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Team Teaching – the good, the bad and the ugly – and what to do about it!

Team teaching can be both an incredible privilege and challenge all at the same time! One teacher recently described team teaching as going on a blind date and getting married! And it can be like that. However, with some simple structures and strategies team teaching can be the best teaching years of your career.

In this fast paced webinar, Karen will provide practical ideas to establish a successful team teaching practice.

You will explore:

* 6 ways to structure team teaching time
* 9 strategies for success
* how to check compatibility with colleagues
* real and practical ways to manage the work load
* ideas on how to deal with challenges
* plus much more…

Dates & Times: 
Monday 22nd March NZT 4-5pm or NZT 6-7pm
Monday 22nd March AEST 2-3pm or AEST 4-5pm

Tuesday 23rd March NZT 4-5pm or NZT 6-7pm
Tuesday 23rd March AEST 2-3pm or AEST 4-5pm