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TM Episode 16 Mindfulness

Episode 16: Mindfulness

Mindfulness might seem like a bit of a trend at the moment and it is a wonderful asset for teacher well-being and classroom harmony. Learn more about being mindful including some helpful strategies to get you started.

TM 15 Feedback

Episode 15: Feedback

Giving and receiving feedback, particularly receiving, is a powerful part of the learning process. Today we chat about feedback and share some tools and strategies that you can try.

Episode 14: Student Agency

Giving our students voice and choice empowers them to become self-directed learners. There are many ways to approach this, and we are sharing some with you here.

Episode 13: Decision Fatigue

As teachers, we make thousands of decisions every day, and that can be exhausting. Find ways to avoid decision fatigue and keep making healthy choices for ourselves with us.

Episode 12: Belonging

This wonderful book by Owen Eastwood helps us to use ancient knowledge to bring people together and enhance our teams. We will share some highlights and how this relates to the work we do in schools.

Episode 11: Differentiation

Teaching to meet the needs of the individuals in our care is a worthy challenge, and we share some tips and tools to support embracing differentiation in your classroom.

Episode 10: Time Management

Time is a resource that we all have, and how you spend it can fill you up or drain you. We share a range of tips and tricks to manage that beautiful resource.

Episode 9: Learning

Getting away from teaching with the hope that skills and knowledge we want our students to develop will get caught rather than taught.

Episode 8: Authentic Learning Tasks

Authentic learning tasks create opportunities for our students to develop and use skills and knowledge in meaningful ways.

Episode 7: Book Review

Disruptive, Stubborn, Out of Control by Bo Hejlskov-Elven. Learn about using a low-arousal approach to make a difference for all of our students so they can do their best.

Episode 6: Teacher Wellbeing

Happy (contented) healthy teachers, tend to have happier healthier classrooms where students can do better socially, emotionally and academically.

Episode 5: Routines and Rituals

Routines and rituals help create a predictable, safe classroom climate where students can thrive in their learning.

Episode 4: Risk-taking

Responsible risk-taking is one of the skills that are essential for thriving now and in the future. 

Episode 3: Self-compassion

What might happen if you become your own best friend? Self-compassion helps us to be happier and healthier in so many ways. 

Episode 2:  The ‘R’ Word

A look at a fundamental mindset to help your wellbeing every day, which in turn changes the climate in your classroom. 

Episode 1: The Craziness of Karen & Meg

Hear about our quest to bring you a podcast to share stories, strategies and wisdom to inspire your teaching & enhance your life.

Meg & Karen //  Passionate Educators

OK Yes! We do like matching shirts and that doesn't make us too weird does it? 

Megan Gallagher is a New Zealand teacher and is a self-confessed neuro-nerd who is passionate about using neuroscience to inform practise and support learners to be their best selves. Teacher wellbeing is a topic close to her heart and was the topic of her dissertation for her Masters Degree. Megan is a regular writer about teacher effectiveness and wellbeing as well as an international and national conference & online summit speaker. 

She enjoys reading and spending time with her family and fur-kids. 

Karen Tui Boyes is a champion for LifeLong Learning. Multi-award winning educator & speaker, Karen is an expert in effective teaching and learning, study skills, motivation and positive thinking. Karen is an author of 10 books and the creator of the Teachers Matter Magazine, Teachers Matter Conference, Study Smart Workshops, Study Smart Board Game and the Habits of Mind Bootcamp. She is also CEO of Spectrum Education & Spectrum Online Academy, and the Affiliate Director of the Institute for the Habits of Mind. She is the wife to one and mother of two.

Meg & Karen

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