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Be part of a community of educators exploring texts and themes around teaching and learning, both philosophically and practically.

Great for individuals to dig deeper into their reading and this could also be handy for whole staff development or for beginning, relieving and returning teachers to build up their professional reading in achievable chunks.

Your Book Club Host: Megan Gallagher

Lead by classroom teacher and passionate educator, Megan Gallagher, the Teachers Matter Book Club guided sessions are on hosted weekly on a private Facebook Page.


New Zealand                    8-9pm
Eastern Australia            6-7pm





Second book for this year is Creating Cultures of Thinking by Ron Ritchhard.

In Creating Cultures of Thinking: The 8 Forces We Must Master to Truly Transform Our Schools, Ron Ritchhart, author of Making Thinking Visible, explains how creating a culture of thinking is more important to learning than any particular curriculum and he outlines how any school or teacher can accomplish this by leveraging 8 cultural forces: expectations, language, time, modeling, opportunities, routines, interactions, and environment.

With the techniques and rich classroom vignettes throughout this book, Ritchhart shows that creating a culture of thinking is not about just adhering to a particular set of practices or a general expectation that people should be involved in thinking. A culture of thinking produces the feelings, energy, and even joy that can propel learning forward and motivate us to do what at times can be hard and challenging mental work.

Two Options to Choose From

Test The Waters - join for the one book (buy own book)

$45 one book
  • Join us for the one book only (book not included)
  • Weekly reading guide with questions, summaries and ideas to explore

Test the Waters - join for one book (book supplied)

$95 one book
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  • Weekly reading guide with questions, summaries and ideas to explore

Books covered in 2019 included:

  • The Next Generation - Tony Ryan
  • 12 Brain Rules - Dr John Medina
  • Disobedient Teaching - Welby Ings

Books completed in 2020

  • The Whole Brain Child - Daniel J Siegel, MD., and Tina Payne Bryson