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Teacher Keynotes, Workshops or Webinars

Below is a summary of some of the most popular workshops that Karen Tui Boyes presents to teachers. As she learns and researches more, topics change and develop regularly. These may be presented live at your school, as conference Keynotes or workshops and as online seminars (webinars). Please contact us to discuss your PD focus and how Karen can assist.


Creating a Growth Mindset Culture

Based on a simple idea, from Stanford University’s Carol Dweck, growth mindset is making a difference for students and teachers in classrooms around the world.

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Making Thinking Visible

Experience and learn practical ideas to establish the Cultures of Thinking through the 8 Cultural Forces and ways to Make Thinking Visible in your classroom.

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Life Long Learning

Explore the road to successful Life Long Learning: Land the 6R's of learning success. These 6R's are fundamental for students and teachers to understand and will transform the learning process.

Exploring Genius Hour

Exploring Genius Hour

Genius Hour provides students with authentic thinking and learning and is a great platform for developing creativity, dispositional thinking and life-long learners.

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Thinking Dispositions

Are you future proofing your students? A 21st Century education is far more than the content. It is about preparing students for an ever-changing world and the dispositions required to thrive.

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Enhancing Classroom Dialogue

Learn ways to enhance thoughtful classroom dialogue in the classroom, ways to make conversation meaningful, sustain students’ thinking and improve listening skills.

Promoting Student Agence

Promoting Student Agency

Give your students the ability to act and take control of their learning and to ensuring they can be independent and self-directed, and take an increasing responsibility for their learning.


Building Resilience

Do you have students when faced with a challenging task, give up easily? Students who always take the easy option? Actively building resilience is becoming a priority in schools.

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Student Goal Setting

Student goal setting is an essential skill when developing student agency and independent, thinkers and learners within the classroom. Learn the step by step process through the year levels.

Modern Learning Environments

Innovative Learning Environment

What makes an ILE work, and in fact ANY successful classroom is the relationship between the teacher and student and the underlying ethos of learning to learn.

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Teacher Wellbeing Day Workshop

Focusing on yourself, professionally & personally, your wellbeing is paramount to have the energy and focus to give to your teaching, family and life.

Developing the Habits of Mind in Primary & Secondary Schools

Turn the theory of Habits of Mind into a reality in the
 classroom and beyond. In this workshop, teachers will
 progress step by step through implementing the Habits
of Mind from foundation to habituation. Steps include an
 introduction to Habits of Mind, how to recognise, appreciate
and activate the Habits within yourself and your students.
 Practical strategies and examples of assessment tools
including rubrics, curriculum infusion templates and student
work will be shared. Teachers will leave this session with an
 overall understanding of how to implement the Habits with staff, students and community.

The Psychology of Learning (or how the brain learns and remembers)

Just because you taught the information, does not mean your students have learned it. Understanding the learning process is key to being an effective teacher. In this session you will explore effective classroom environments, student engagement strategies, the many ways the brain learns and remembers and how bridge the gap between teaching and learning.


What’s happened to creativity—Are you actually making a difference?

In this fast-changing world, the need for a change of focus within education is paramount. Previously Multiple Intelligences have been
 a buzz word in schools, however this focus has not taken into account
 creativity, innovation and flexibility and how important these are for the future of our planet. In this presentation, we look at the role of creativity and why it is so important. We will see why and how your creative abilities may lessen as you get older and look at strategies to develop your creative talents. Then we will focus within the classroom – and how teachers can prepare students for the 21st Century with the sort after skills in companies and organisations of creativity.

Using Structures and Strategies for True Engagement

Learn simple yet effective structures and strategies that mean you can facilitate learning and discussion, rather than leading it and being the central focus. You will learn how to ground students in the here and now, fun and educational ways to put students into groups, ways to allow students to take the lead in the discussion and idea generation and great ways to engage learners. A fun and fast paced workshop.