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Teacher Wellbeing Day

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Focusing on yourself and your wellbeing is paramount to have the energy and focus to give to your teaching, family and life.

This fun and interactive day has been designed with you in mind. In such an all consuming job as teaching, it is often challenging to find time to for yourself, balance work and life and control your stress levels.

Lead by award winning educator and speaker, Karen Boyes, you will focus on creating wellbeing, both professionally and personally, and invited presenters will share their top tips to wellness.
Topics covered include:

  • Creating a healthy lifestyle
  • Stress management
  • Time management
  • Finding quality 'me' time
  • Creating successful family rituals
  • Developing personal goals to motivate you
  • Nutrition tips and simple, easy school lunch ideas
  • and so much more

Plus participate in the Wellbeing Collective Wisdom session and learn so much more from your colleagues...

Currently there are no public workshops scheduled - however in house workshops may be booked by emailing for information to [email protected]