If you're in High School or studying at the Tertiary level the  
Study Smart BOOST Programme is for YOU...

Join International Study Expert, Karen-Tui Boyes, for 45 minute Study Smart Boost sessions plus a monthly Q&A session...

If you (or your teen) are sitting exams this year - the STUDY SMART BOOST sessions are essential to maximising your learning time and study & exam effectiveness 

Here's how it works...

You will join, via a private Zoom link, for 11 x 45min sessions held on Wednesdays 7-7.45pm New Zealand Time from February to November. Karen will provide tips, tools and techniques to study smarter, rather than harder. Plus, join the FULL BOOST programme and  you will be invited to monthly Q&A session between the webinar sessions to help you stay more focused, motivated and ultimately successful in your learning & study.  

(All sessions are recorded and you will have access to the videos for private use only)

Here's what you will get...

Study Smart Tips

You will learn (or be reminded of) practical, simple to use Study Smart tips to ensure you make the most of your study time. Karen will share tips to match exactly what you are learning & studying.


With simple ideas, you can set up your study environment for success and even half your study time! Plus each month you can attend a 1-1 or small group coaching on specifically what you are learning at the Q&A sessions. 


Most people waste over 70% of their study time focused on what they already know! Whilst focusing on what you don't know is hard, Karen will give you tools to spend your study time wisely. 


Over the 11 sessions, you will start to feel more confident, more in control of your learning and more successful. Karen's strategies ensure your exam marks go up! 

Topics include:

  • Understanding how learning actually works
  • Memory tips & techniques
  • Setting up an Effective Study Environment
  • Note Taking & Note Making
  • Using your Learning Senses
  • Reading strategies for better comprehension
  • Motivation protocols
  • Healthy Mind, healthy body
  • Revising your notes
  • Exam tips and strategies

Karen's tip are featured in the Study Smart Board Game


There are two options:

Sign up for an individual webinar - pay as you go, or for all eleven webinars and Q&A sessions.


Single webinar (pay as you go) $47 each session

Study Smart Boost Programme - 11 webinars &  Bonus Q&A sessions $395 for the year (saving $122)

Register for the Full Boost Programme  and you will receive a copy of Karen's Downloadable 51 Inspirational Poster Set and the Quick check card valued at $27 FREE

*investment is per household connection and for private use only. Schools wishing to use the videos for your students, please contact the Spectrum Office [email protected]

PLEASE NOTE: Spectrum Online Academy Students attend for FREE

The next webinar:

#11 Exam Techniques

Discover some fun ideas to get yourself ready for an exam. You’ll learn…

  •   what to do before, during and after your exam
  •   what to do if you can’t remember!
  •   success strategies
  •   study tips for success…& more

Monthly topics and dates...

Study Smart 1 Memory Strategies For Success

You'll learn...

✅  7 keys to recalling facts, dates and concepts

✅  How forgetting occurs and how to remember

✅  How to structure your study time for maximum effect  

✅  Why knowing the 20:5 rule is important

✅  How the 1/7/30/6m strategy improves memory

✅  Why the 3-4 max rule will change your effectiveness

✅  Study tips for success and more...

Study Smart 2 Setting Up Your Study Environment

Learn the powerful, yet simple little strategies to getting your study environment set up for success. You will learn…

✅ How to set up your environment for the fast recall of facts & figures

✅ Where is the best place to study

✅ what kind of music to listen to

✅ how lighting effects your learning

✅ what time of the day to study 

✅ study tips for success…& more

Study Smart 3 Note Making & Note Taking

Explore several ways to take and make notes in a brain friendly way and how to make your notes memorable.

You will learn…

✅ 3 different ways to take note

✅ How to make your notes memorable

✅ Short hard tips

✅ How to Create a bank of symbols

✅ Why rewriting your notes is a waste of time

✅ Strategies for taking notes online

✅ ways to store your notes for easier access

Study Smart 4 How the brain processes information

There are 5 different learning senses when it comes to learning and study. You will learn…

✅  to identify the 5 learning senses

✅ how to study according to your favourite style

✅ 3 ways to keep active in class, without annoying the teacher

✅  the 10 top brain foods

✅ study tips for success… & more

Study Smart 5 Reading Techniques

Spent less time reading and more time doing what you want. You’ll learn…

✅ 7 ways to dramatically improve your comprehension

✅ at least double your reading speed with simple techniques

✅ develop different techniques for different texts

✅.   study tips for success…& more

Study Smart 6 Motivation Tips & Strategies

In this session you will learn some of the secrets from the some of the most successful people in the world.

You'll learn...

✅ how your beliefs affect your abilities
✅ what your physical body needs to stay motivated when learning
✅ ways to create mental fitness
✅ how to develop habits that last
✅ study tips for success…& more

Study Smart 8 Healthy Mind  

Your mind body connection is important to understand when you are wanting to concentrate and focus. We will explore ways to reduce and eliminate brain fog, how to concentrate for longer and tips to keep your energy levels up.

Study Smart 9  Executive Function Skills

Executive Function Skills are  the skills such as planning, time management, task initiation and task completion. In this session you will learn…

✅ why the Executive Function skills are so important in study and life

✅ How to develop and refine your EF skills

✅ why the process of reflection is important

✅ study tips for success…& more

Study Smart 10 Revising for a Test or Exam

Learn the many brain hacks for revising and and remembering your work for an exam or test.

Study Smart 11 Exam Techniques

Discover some fun ideas to get yourself ready for an exam. You’ll learn…

✅ what to do before, during and after your exam

✅ what to do if you can’t remember!

✅ success strategies

✅ study tips for success…& more

Your Study Smart Coach

Affectionately known as the 'Study Queen', multi award winning educator, Karen Tui Boyes is passionate about providing students practical, simple to use strategies to study. "Passing exams is supposed to get you ahead in life - not make you a nervous wreck" says Karen. 

Karen has presented her Study Smart Tips to over 100 000 students in 21+ countries. Her on and offline workshops are fun and engaging and the tips will last you a lifetime.

Karen Tui Boyes  //  Your Study Smart Coach

Here's what other say...

"Thank you for being a great study coach for us and it has taught me a lot about studying smarter! I will definitely use all the tips I have learnt now that I am going to do a lot more studying for the end of year exams."     - Faith Year 11

Wow! I feel more organised and focused and I know exactly what to do when I'm studying now! Thanks for the great study tips. I feel confident going into my exams. 

- Jack Year 12

Here's what a School Principal said...

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't make all 11 sessions? The sessions are best attended live, however we know life can get in the way. All sessions will be recorded and hosted on a private web page for you to access later.

When are the sessions? Wednesdays: Feb 9th, March 9th, April 6th, May 4th, June 1st, June 29th, July 27th, August 24th, Sept 21st, October 19th & November 16th. (Dates are subject to change and you will be notified)

What time are the sessions? 7-7.45pm New Zealand Time

What if I have further questions? Please contact the Spectrum team at [email protected]

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