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Here's what the students say...

“This seminar was amazing. I am sure I will pass all my exams because I am very motivated now and it will be so much fun to use all the study tips.” Silke Weber Year 11

“I learnt a lot, how to read faster, work towards achieving goals, study more effectively and boost my self esteem. I found it really interesting, helpful and worthwhile.” George Patea Year 12

"My son and his mate, attended you Study Smart seminar and absolutely loved it. They came home with big smiles saying it was the best workshop ever. My son was sitting down to study today with his coloured pens, saying how easy and fun it is to study now. Thank you so much." Parent of Year 10 

"Thanks for your course. I have learned some very useful strategies, even thought I must have studied for and sat 100s of exams in my training so far." MBA Student

"I am really excited that our son has these tools going forward for high school and beyond.  He is generally a below average student by national standards,  with the desire to be much more, and we know that he will have new confidence and the tools that will support him to achieve improvement.  Your teaching is fantastic and I am sure in no time at all every skill and tip will go through our minds instantly when needed,  to apply to many life moments.  They already have!  Thank you for putting yourself out there and making it so easy, practical, and accessible to us." Mother of Year 8 student

The Spectrum Guarantee:
Spectrum Education guarantees that: “these workshops will give your students the skills they need to study effectively and increase their exam results. In fact, we are willing to unconditionally guarantee it. If you’re not 100% delighted with the quality and content of the workshops, we’ll happily refund your investment. More than that, we promise that your students will be able to take this knowledge away and apply it immediately.”

Study Skills Direct to Your Students...

Affectionately known as the 'Study Queen', Karen Boyes works in schools as a teacher in residence from one day to one week.

Karen’s workshops for students are fun and engaging and packed full of practical study tips that students can use the very next day. From Year 8’s to MBA students, this information is applicable for all.  Below is a sample of some of the modules she teaches. Each module is a minimum of 1 hour and maximum of 3 hours. For a full day workshop simply combine 2 or 3 modules.

Study Smarter 1: Memory Strategies

Passing exams has little to do with intelligence and more to do with the techniques you use. Passing exams relies on how good your memory is. You will learn…

  • 7 keys to recalling facts, dates and concepts
  • how forgetting occurs and how to remember
  • how to structure your study time for maximum effect
  • study tips for success…& more

Study Smarter 2: Understanding your learning senses

There are 5 different learning senses when it comes to learning and study. You will learn…

  • to identify the 5 learning senses
  • how to study according to the brain appropriate senses
  • 3 ways to keep active in class, without annoying the teacher
  • the 10 top brain foods
  • Fast Recall - how to access information at speed
  • study tips for success…& more

Study Smarter 3: Setting up an Effective Study Environment

Learn the powerful, yet simple little strategies to getting your study environment set up for success. You will learn…

  • How to set up your environment for the fast recall of facts & figures
  • Where is the best place to study
  • what kind of music to listen to
  • how lighting affects your learning
  • what time of the day to study
  • study tips for success…& more

Study Smarter 4: Goal setting for success

Successful people are known to have a written set of goals that they read each day to keep them focused. This is true of successful students – they know what they want and have a plan to move forward. In this session you will learn…

  • a 6 – step formula for setting successful goals
  • why visualisation is a key part of success
  • how to ‘chunk’ your goals into achievable steps
study tips for success…& more

Study Smarter 5: Preparing for tests and exams

Discover some fun ideas to get yourself ready for an exam. You’ll learn…

  • what to do before, during and after your exam
  • what to do if you can’t remember!
  • using your textbooks to shorten your study time
  • success strategies
  • study tips for success…& more

Study Smarter 6: Notetaking for success

The purpose for note taking is to be able to recall and study the information at a later time. You’ll learn…

  • a step by step process to make notes memorable
  • how to create effective mind maps
  • develop a bank of pictures and symbols
  • how to take your notes into an exam – without cheating
  • study tips for success…& more

Study Smarter 7: Speed Reading

Spent less time reading and more time doing what you want. You’ll learn…

  • 7 ways to dramatically improve your comprehension
  • at least double your reading speed with simple techniques
  • develop different techniques for different texts
  • study tips for success…& more

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