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It was an accident - I started an online TV show...

Which camp were you in during lockdown? The 'relax and enjoy the pause' or the 'let's get stuff done' camp - or oscillating between?

I found myself in the latter - totally by accident! Coming home from speaking at conferences in Australia, I self-isolated at my Parents' holiday home in Nelson for 14 days. Well so I thought! When lockdown started I was stuck!  
The short story is I ended up being by myself for 6 weeks - and loved nearly all of it.

After a friend interviewed me live on Facebook, I thought this looks fun! So with no resources, expect my laptop and a 'can do' attitude, I set up a mini studio. (Don't tell my Mum that I had a coffee table on top of the table!)

The truth is that my 2020 business vision board had SpectrumTV on it - however I had not even contemplated what this might look like - except that I wanted to channel my inner Oprah!

I started interviewing friends and colleagues and we chatted about lockdown tips & strategies, life, wellbeing, personalities, online learning, parenting, mindset...

I learned so much about the live TV process and made some mistakes along the way - not sure if I ever got the start of the recordings correct!

With 12 'episodes' now completed the knowledge, insights and information from my guests is still relevant to post lockdown life. You are welcome to share and give feedback - and let me know who you would like to be featured in future seasons.

We hope you enjoy SpectrumTV as much as we love making each episode!

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