Whether you have toddlers, young children, tweens or teens, or even adult children still living at home, the Roots and Wings webinar series is for Parents wanting to have more positive connections with your child. If you are looking for practical tips, tools and techniques to create deep roots of confidence & consistency whilst giving your child wings so they can be independent and experience life - this series is for you!

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Parenting for Independence Recording Available

As a Parent, you have a responsibility to ensure you assist your child to develop into independent citizens who are ready to leave home when the time is right. 

It starts early with small steps – having children help you with the daily tasks. Tasks might take longer, they may even mess it up and this is all part of the very important learning process.

In this session, you will hear about...

  • ways to encourage helpful helpers,
  • how to let go of perfectionism
  • strategies to foster a 'pitch-in' mindset
  • ways to praise your child to increase responsibility & independence
  • how to put more fun back into parenting. 

Teaching Responsibility Thursday 7th April 8pm

As part of the journey to adulthood, teaching your child to take responsibility is essential. Taking responsibility for your actions, mistakes and behaviour is one of the most significant steps to becoming an adult.

In this webinar we will explore...

  • what responsibility means at different age levels
  • a responsibility framework for you and your family
  • ways to promote responsibility
  • how to stop rescuing and start empowering
  • how to use an 'inconvenience tax' to highlight responsibilities

Creating Family Traditions Thursday 5th May 8pm

One of the most treasured heirlooms we can create as parents are the memories and traditions we pass down to our children. Memories and traditions reinforce your values and create stability (the roots) of safety as well as strengthen family bonds.

In this session we will look at...

  • developing your own family rites of passage
  • ways to regularly connect with your child
  • creating school holiday challenges - including the 'no tech' challenge
  • strategies to make dinner time a positive and even fun family time
  • dealing with pocket money and other big parenting decisions.

Boundaries, Expectations & Rewards Thursday 26th May 8pm

Holding appropriate rules and boundaries is a key responsibility for parents. The clearer the boundaries, the freer your child can be to develop and grow.

In this session we will delve into...

  • the difference between punishment and discipline
  • how to pick your battles
  • why children push boundaries
  • reasons to develop a secret code
  • appropriate rewards at differing ages and stages

Relationships - You, Your Partner - Your Child Thursday 9th June 8pm

Parenting can be an all consuming time and losing who you are and your connections with both your partner and child can be heart breaking. 

This webinar will cover...

  • personal self-care and the importance of taking time for you
  • designing who you want to be as a person, partner and parent
  • setting yourself up for success on a daily basis
  • understanding the Love Languages
  • ways to connect with your partner every day
  • developing long lasting relationships
  • the power of gratitude 

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The Details: 

Date:    Thursdays 24th March, 7th April, 5th May, 26th May & 9th June

Time:    8pm NZT, 6pm Sydney/Melb, 6pm Brisbane

Duration: 45mins

Where: Online (a Zoom link will be sent after registration)

Investment:  Each webinar: $49 per family connection

or all 5 webinars (and recordings) $199  per family connection (saving $46)

Please NOTE: If you are unable to attend on this date and time, everyone registered will be sent the video recording within 24 hours of the live event.

Your Host

Karen is a multi-award winning speaker who is a champion for LifeLong Learning.  Author of 10 books including Roots & Wings, Study Smart, Living the Life of Your Dreams, and creator & host of the Parenting for Resilience, Confidence & Independence, she is passionate about sharing practical tips for people to live their best life. A wife to one, and mother of two young adults Karen loves sharing her practical tips, stories and tools to assist parents to give their child the best opportunities in life. 

Get the Book!

ROOT AND WINGS is a book packed full of stories, ideas, practical tips and parenting tools to provide stability for your children while also raising them to be independent. It’s about creating deep roots of confidence and consistency whilst giving your child wings so they can fly and experience life. 

Within the pages of ROOTS AND WINGS, you’ll discover:
           • Strategies to encourage your children to be more independent
           • The importance of teaching & reinforcing responsibility
           • Fun ways to create family traditions
           • Solutions to survive the school holidays with fun challenges
           • Ways to set boundaries, expectations & rewards for success
           • The keys to self-care and staying balanced
           • Suggestions to maintain a solid and loving relationship with your partner
           • PLUS 2 bonus chapters to support your teens with study & exams

Karen shares her highs and lows with an open heart in the hope that something might spark you to add more fun and joy into your parenting journey, maintain (or redefine) your identity and purpose, and create harmony in your life that brings you great happiness and delight each day.

Whether you have toddlers, young children, tweens or teens, there is something for you in this book.


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