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The Next Generation

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Around 35% of the world’s population is under 20 years of age. Sometimes referred to as the Next Generation, they will become the movers and shakers of the mid-21st century. Many already are. With widespread access to the Web, this Next Generation will transform the planet. Their unprecedented entrepreneurial involvement will unleash one of the greatest economic and social evolutions in human history.

The timing of their emergence is significant. By most indicators, their rise is occurring during the best time in human history. It is the safest, the healthiest, the wealthiest and the most productive era since civilization began. However, this next stage in human history will likely be characterized by unrelenting change and dramatic uncertainty. So how do we support our children in responding to these complex issues lying up ahead?

Let’s dump the scare campaigns that leave our Next Generation feeling helpless, and instead show them how their choices today can create an inspiring future. Rather than asking them, ‘What’s the world going to be like up ahead?’, ask, ‘What sort of world do you want to create up ahead?’ The first question suggests they have no control over it, while the second demonstrates they do.

Whether you want to provide the best possible future for your own family, or you professionally support young people in their formative years, this book will guide you on a transformative journey for children’s lives up ahead. Get ready to explore the world that awaits them, and to discover many compelling ideas on preparing them for their amazing future.

‘The Next Generation’ is offered in 3 compelling sections, with 3 chapters in each. Here is an overview of the 9 chapters:


Chap. 1. The Beautiful Mess: A Window Into Possibility

Chap. 2. Hybrid Humanity: Preparing for the robot-human interface

Chap. 3. All In A Day’s Work: Redefining future employment


Chap. 4. Life In The Fast Lane: Developing adaptive agility

Chap. 5. Heart-To-Heart: Enhancing empathy

Chap. 6. You Live And Learn: Embedding a love of inquiry


Chap. 7. What’s The Big Idea: Stimulating creative enterprise

Chap. 8. A Helping Hand: Supporting Future Philanthropy

Chap. 9. Action Stations: Creating The Future Right Now