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Teachers Matter Single Issue #40

$ 15.00


The Teachers Matter Quarterly magazine has been created as a ‘booster shot’ for Teacher Matter conference participants, and all educators of pre-school, primary and secondary students.
It is full of practical ideas for the classroom, the latest thinking on educational issues, plus handy tips for optimum personal performance. It aims to inspire teachers to strive not only for professional expertise, but personal excellence also.

A sample of what you will find in Issue 40:

  • Nurturing Yourself
  • Inclusive Learning Environments
  • Why the Future is ArrivingFaster Than You Think
  • Preparing Students for Their Emerging Worlds
  • Future Proofing Your Students
  • The Future of Exams
  • Memory Hacks for Studying
  • Language of Love & Appreciation
  • Personalise Learning for All
  • and much, much more!

Please note – this is a downloadable version of the Magazine.

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  1. Simply pay by credit card or paypal
  2. You will be sent download instructions
  3. Read and enjoy!