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Study Smart Board Game: Australian Orders

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The Study Smart Board Game is now available!
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Study Smarter is the game designed to improve your brainpower & learning ability while having fun!!

Designed by international award winning Speaker and Educator, Karen Boyes, the game has been developed to teach the practical fundamentals of studying and passing exams.

“So often teachers ask students to go home and study, yet do not teach them how.” says Karen. “This game teaches the essentials of learning to learn, study skills, memory techniques, exam strategies plus motivation tips, and watch out for the Uh-Oh cards!” Student, Parent and Teacher feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with many people commenting they can put the Monopoly away now! This game not only has huge educational value, it also is a chance for students to reconnect with some of the lost skills such as taking turns, thinking ahead, actions and consequences, making tough choices, being a good sport, unplugging and good old fun.

Perfect for students at Years 6-13, Tertiary students and parents wishing to ensure their child can study smart.

A little bit more about the game…

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Study Smart is a game of life and skill and can be played at home or in school.  It has been designed especially for students looking to improve grades and exam results. Study Smart teaches you how to study, with both life skills and learning skills. It teaches how to communicate effectively, how to wait for your turn in life and how to win and lose. Not only is it a great activity, it teaches study skills needed in order to pass with flying colours.

The board game encompasses memory skills and strategies, tips on how to learn, how to set up a study environment that works, tips on exams, how to get motivated and, perhaps most importantly, what not to do, in the form of Uh-Oh cards. The idea is to teach you how to study smarter rather than harder.

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The game is suitable for 2-6 players, ages 10 and up. The length of the game depends on the number of players. Each player is issued with a player profile. This states their current subjects, grades and the target to become an A+ student. Each player takes turns to move around the board and lands on one of 6 options; Learning Styles, Memory Strategies, Motivation, Study Tips, Study Environment and Uh-Oh’s.

They then pick the corresponding card from the centre of the board, reads it aloud so all players have the benefit of learning the tip. Each card has a tip and how many subjects the players marks will increase if they use the tip. They then spin the spinner to find out how many marks they may increase. The player then adjusts their grades accordingly and also must record 3 tips from each category on their master sheet. The winner is the person that has an A+ grade for each subject and 15 tips (3 in each area) recorded on their player sheet.