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Leadership Videos with Dr Bill Sommers

$ 149.00


Recently Dr Bill Sommers was in New Zealand and we recorded a series of videos for leaders…

He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience as a teacher and Principal. Watch & listen as he unpacks the some of the models and techniques from his latest book, 9 Professional Conversations to Change Our Schools.

Bill also shares 3 of his strategies for dealing with conflict – an important issue and skill for all leaders.

Now you can access these 9 videos and watch at a time that suits you and your team. Topics include:

  • Staying Open to Diverse Viewpoints with the SCARF Model
  • Stakeholder Coaching – Expanding Consciousness
  • From Conflict to Consensus – The Chadwick Model
  • Dealing with Conflict
  • Getting the Best out of People
  • How to deliver Bad News
  • Using Stories, Metaphors and Wisdom