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Living with Health, Energy & Vitality Webinar

Living with health, energy and vitality is an essential part of being the best you can be as a teacher. In this session, Karen will step you through the fundamentals of being successfully strong through 4 lenses; mindset, heartset, healthset and soulset. She will provide practical, simple yet powerful strategies you can implement the next day, for yourself and your students, to increase energy and vitality.
If you want to boost your wellbeing, feel great and take steps towards being your best – this webinar is for you!


Dates & Times: 
Monday 24th May NZT 4-5pm or NZT 6-7pm
Monday 24th May AEST 2-3pm or AEST 4-5pm

Tuesday 25th May NZT 4-5pm or NZT 6-7pm
Tuesday 25th May AEST 2-3pm or AEST 4-5pm