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Life Long Learning

Futurists know the world our students are growing up into is so different from the life we are living now. It is predicted that 40% of our current 5 years olds will need to be self-employed to have any form of income in the future. Whilst the school system was based on the premise of creating employees, people who turn up on time, do the work, don’t question the status quo, become a specialist, memorise content and  clock out at the end of the day, these skills and characteristics are not ideal  in the self employed world. Future generations require innovation, creativity, the ability to problem solve, critical thinking, understand others and their needs, be able to promote, design, listen, focus, work independently and in teams, be self motivated, have flexibility, adaptiveness, digital literacy interpersonal and intra personal skills and so much more..

The Life Long Learning L3 model developed by Karen Tui Boyes is a simple, yet powerful way for teachers and students to understand the learning process and how to promote Life Long Learning success for all. Through the 6R’s, Karen will unpack the keys to unlocking the goldmine of potential in your classroom and give you practical strategies you can implement the very next day, with instant results.

In this interactive presentation, you will learn:

  • How to ensure students are on the road to success
  • The reason the ‘why’ in learning is so important
  • Strategies and tools to enhance the learning process
  • Practical ways to assist students to persevere when the road gets bumpy
  • How to deal with side roads and distractions
  • The feedback cycle and the need for frequent and specific feedback
  • The goal setting process which keeps students focused and moving forward to success
  • Pit stops to avoid
  • plus much more…


** This presentation is a popular keynote at conferences as it gives the big picture of the future, practical strategies for success in the classroom and a model that can be applied to all learner levels.