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Leadership Resources with Bill Sommers

Recently Dr Bill Sommers was in New Zealand and we recorded a series of videos for leaders...

He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience as a teacher and Principal. Watch & listen as he unpacks the some of the models and techniques from his latest book, 9 Professional Conversations to Change Our Schools.

Bill also shares 3 of his strategies for dealing with conflict - an important issue and skill for all leaders.

Downloadable handouts are at the bottom of this web page.

Also check out his 'New Rules' and his generous summaries of the latest Leadership books he has been reading.


Stakeholder Coaching

The 7 C's

Getting the best out of people

Stories, Metaphors & Wisdom

The SCARF Model

The Chadwick Model

Conflict - Meta Model

How to deliver bad news...

About Dr Bill Sommers:

Dr Bill Sommers lives in Texas, and has been consultant for Cognitive Coaching, Adaptive Schools, Brain Research, Poverty, Conflict Management, and Classroom Management strategies. He is the former Director of Leadership & Organisational Development for Manor ISD in Texas, the former Executive Director for Secondary Curriculum and Professional Learning for Minneapolis Public Schools, and a school administrator for over 40 years.

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Bill's New Rules

Bill has been writing his 'New Rules' for leadership. These include - Bo Peep was Wrong, When the Horse is Dead, Dismount and Be a Wet Baby.  Read more by clicking here

Book Summaries

Please click on each book to download Bill's 4-7 page summary.