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The iStudyAlarm is now available from the
iTunes Store and GooglePlay

Studying for a class, midterm or final exam just got easier with iStudyAlarm.  Staying focused while studying can often be a challenge and the iStudyAlarm is designed to help exam students of all ages.

Research shows that studying in 20-minute intervals and taking a 5-minute brain break is highly beneficial for learning and memory. Studying is suppose to get you ahead in life, not make you a nervous wreck. Plus studying for too long causes your brain to get tired and forget key information.

How the iStudyAlarm works… 
When you are ready to study, simply tap the start button. The timer will go off after 20 minutes and prompt you to spend 2 minutes revising what you have just learned. Next the alarm will time your 5-minute brain break.

Features include:

Study Tips: 27 Practical tips to keep you on track and studying in a brain-friendly and effective way. Tips include setting up your study environment, memory and recall strategies, brain food and note-making ideas. Each tip can be expanded to learn more.
Brain Break Ideas: What you do during a break can be as important as when you are actually studying. This menu provides 12 quick brain-friendly break ideas.


Exam Tips: 12 ideas of what to do before, during and after an exam. Tips include question answering advice, what to do if you can’t remember and hints about what examiners are looking for. Each tip can be expanded to find out more information.


Motivate Me: Provides 12 quick ideas to help keep you on track and focused.

There are also links to short youtube clips about effective study techniques.

Library Mode: If you are working in a quiet environment you can simply switch the alarm to vibrate mode and still stay focused without disturbing others.