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Happy Healthy Teachers Matter Online Summit!

Here you'll gain tips, tools and techniques to ensure you have the health, energy & vitality to beat the end of term slump & fatigue and be the best version of yourself all year...

Meet your Hosts...

This summit encompasses 4 key themes...

  • •  VIBES - feeling good about yourself
  • •  VITALITY  - living with high energy
  • •  VALUES - confidence to know & stand up for yourself 
  • •  VISION - living on purpose

It's time to take your own wellbeing (and the wellbeing of your team) seriously. This Online Summit is about restoring your health, boosting your wellbeing and embarking on a happy healthy lifestyle that will have you not only surviving but thriving each term! If you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired at the end of each term, this summit is for you...  Set yourself up for an amazing year with tips, tools & techniques for your Health, Vitality & Wellbeing and to be the best version of you - all year... 

The Featured Speakers...

Dr Matt Zakreshi

Using Emotional Intelligence to Empower Your Relationships

Toni Powell

How to Reduce Worry, Fear and Stress Instantly

Bridget Watson

Trusting Vulnerability and Celebrating Others

Kari Sutton

How to maintain a positive attitude and state of mind

Rowie Szeszeran-McEvoy

How to LOVE every day - especially the crappy days!!

Jo Hassan

Why vitality matters: PEPP® UP and look after your mental as well as physical health

Jo McIntyre-Brown

WildFit Yourself - small yet powerful adjustments that will change your life!

Jacqlin Richards

Living Your Greatness - seeing beyond the different beliefs and behaviour

Clare Edwards

Serve Yourself First! Self-care for those who serve Others

Lauren Parsons

A Transformative New Way to Define Your Values 

Kerene Strochnetter

Mindfulness for Managing Overwhelm

Hana Zawodny

ANXIETY - so simple even the kids can do it!

Tamara Jefferies

Conquer Burnout By Reclaiming Your Joy

Carrie Brightwell

How Nature Can Increase Energy, Vitality & Performance

David Meine

Sugar and its connection to learning and gut health

Wendy Vigdor-Hess

Boundaries, Self-Care and Time Management 

Dr Kerry Howells

How can we be grateful when we feel so resentful?

Deanna Hansen

Bringing Focus & Calm to Your Classroom with Posture and Breath

Tessa Livingston

Looking after your #1 Tool - your Voice

Dr Ali Lankerani

Unlocking Your Brain's Potential

The world is changing so fast and so is the face of teaching. You are being asked to do more, often with less resources with more students... As a Teacher, it is critical you have the health, energy and vitality to help navigate the anxiety, stress and overwhelm, and practice the self-care that will have you energised and feeling fulfilled, radiant and strong at the end of each term.

The Happy Healthy Teachers Matter Online Summit is designed to give you tips, tools and techniques to keep your wellbeing a priority in 2022. 

The 2022 Happy Healthy Teachers Matter Online Summit is hosted by Spectrum Education, 

Karen Tui Boyes & Megan Gallagher

The team at Spectrum Education has literally changed the lives of thousands of teachers across the world by giving teachers simple ideas that have had a massive impact on their professional & personal lives…

It’s all about giving you the keys to unlock the goldmine of potential in yourself and your classroom and give you practical strategies you can implement the very next day…

We have created this event to ensure you have the up to date knowledge and skills, from some of the best educators around the world, to ensure you can not only survive, but thrive…

Karen Tui Boyes is a champion for LifeLong Learning. Multi-award winning educator & speaker, Karen is an expert in effective teaching and learning, study skills, motivation and positive thinking. Karen is an author of 10 books and the creator of the Teachers Matter Magazine, Teachers Matter Conference, Study Smart Workshops, Study Smart Board Game and the Habits of Mind Bootcamp. She is also CEO of Spectrum Education, and the Affiliate Director of the Institute for the Habits of Mind. She is the wife of one and mother of two.

Megan Gallagher is a New Zealand teacher and is a self-confessed neuro-nerd who is passionate about using neuroscience to inform practise and support learners to be their best selves. Teacher wellbeing is a topic close to her heart and was the topic of her dissertation for her Masters Degree.

Megan is a regular writer about teacher effectiveness and wellbeing as well as an international and national conference & online summit speaker. 

She enjoys reading and spending time with her family and fur-kids. 

Your ticket gives you a LIFETIME Access to ALL Speakers videos, audio files and free bonus downloads.  Plus you can attend the LIVE sessions from hosts Karen & Meg - and Day 3 you are invited to participate in the LIVE Create The Life of Your Dreams online 3 hour workshop

The School ticket* (suitable for 4+ people) gives you the ability to share with ALL teachers in your school, use the videos for PLD sessions and for team trainings within your school.

* enrolment is via our online shopping cart which requires a credit card or PAYPAL - OR Schools may be invoiced directly and pay by direct credit (payable before the cut off dates). Please email [email protected] for the invoice option.

Reclaim Your Vibes, Vitality, Value & Vision... 

Join the speakers as they reveal their expert insights to help you thrive in 2022.

Get your ticket today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Happy Healthy Teachers Matter Online Summit?

It is totally online – watch from the comfort of your home, office or classroom. Create watch parties and get together online or in person to share the aha’s, learnings and your action plan.

When is the Happy Healthy Teachers Matter Online Summit?

Friday 21st, Saturday 22nd, and a bonus day Sunday 23rd January 2022

How does it work?

Once you have registered you will receive a confirmation email to confirm your place. A few days before the Summit you will be emailed with the links for the access to the presenters each day.

When does each day start?

Each day your videos will go live at 8am NZT and you will have 24 hours to watch these. Each morning you will be emailed the next link for the next day videos. You can watch the presenters in any order. PLUS no need to Upgrade - you will have instant access to ALL Speakers from Monday 24th January at no extra charge!

What if I want to watch the videos after the 24 hours?

You can! It is part of your ticket! Access to ALL speaker videos will be given on Monday 24th January 2022.  This will give you the ability to download all the videos, audio files and free bonuses from the presenters as well as give you access to the three hour Vision & Planning Session from Day 3.

What if I want to share the videos with my team?

To share with your team, please purchase the School 4+ people deal and you have permission to share will all teachers from your school.

Can I use these videos for staff/faculty or team meetings?

Whilst we cannot stop you from sharing your access to this event with your team, we would like you to value time and effort our team has put into this event. Please purchase the School 4+ people deal and you can share the videos over the year with your team - guilt free!

Is there a HELP line for more questions?

Yes! The Spectrum Team are available to answer your questions during office hours and over the summit days. Please email [email protected] for help.

I didn't get a confirmation email...

Please check your spam, junk or promotions filters or ask your IT provider to ensure our email address is 'white listed' for future emails. Please email [email protected] for help.