Megan Gallagher is a teacher, coach, presenter and nerd from Aotearoa/New Zealand. She is a committed life-long learner who is passionate about using neuroscience in education and the role teacher wellbeing has on our learning communities.

She is well known for her Masters research on Teacher Wellbeing and believes, "Happy healthy teachers tend to have happier healthier classrooms where students do better socially, emotionally and academically."

HI! I'm Meg Gallagher and I'm passionate about Teacher Wellbeing (amongst other fun things!)

The Happy Healthy Teachers Matter 10-4 Challenge has been designed for the busy teacher looking for simple and effective ways to boost your wellbeing.

The 10-4 challenge is all about: 

  • Taking on 10 challenges... 
  • That take 10 minutes a day... 
  • With 10 videos to support you... 
  • Over 10 days! 

Whilst not every challenge/task/strategy will be for everyone, the point is that you try some strategies and make decisions about small steps you can take towards being the happier healthier teacher you want to be.  

Choose what works best for you and your life. You will learn a little about decision fatigue, shifting your focus, managing your energy, finding your joy, and so much more. 

The course is self-paced, meaning each day another short video will drop into your inbox, and you can watch it at your own time and pace. Using the journal to jot down your learnings, ideas and actions, each session has a focus for you to explore and reflect on. 

My aim in life is to help others thrive, there's no greater joy than seeing people shine. I'd love to be your guide on the side and help you thrive because what you every day matters! Join me for just $39. 

Your coach, Megan Gallagher

Here's a sample of topics...

Here's what you will get for $39:

  • 10 videos over 10 days packed with practical and inspirational ideas 
  • A downloadable handout
  • Extra supplementary handouts and reflection tools
  • A daily reminder email
  • Plus bonus information... all for $39

Give yourself the gift of health & vitality

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