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Cultures of Thinking – Making Thinking Visible

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Ron Ritchhart describes the Cultures of Thinking like this: "Within a culture of thinking, students experience school as a place where thinking is valued and given time, rich opportunities for thinking abound in their day-to-day classroom experience, models of thinking are present in the form of seeing teachers and peers as fellow thinkers, and the environment is full with the documentation of thinking. Such environments not only provide for the practice of students’ thinking skills but also help them to foster an inclination toward thinking and to develop a greater awareness of thinking occasions."

Experience and learn practical ideas to establish the Cultures of Thinking through the 8 Cultural Forces and ways to Make Thinking Visible.

You will explore:

  • How Thinking Routines can transform your students depth of thinking
  • Why Expectations are a critical key to success
  • How Modelling who we are as thinkers benefits students
  • Time allocation and ways to ensure students formulate thoughtful responses
  • Using a Language of thinking to promote reflection
  • Ways to show care and respect for the thinking Interactions
  • How to display thinking in the Environment
  • Ways to provide purposeful activities to engage student in thinking
  • plus much more…

How does the Webinar (online seminar) work?

Once you have registered and payment is confirmed, you will be sent a link. Simply click on this link 10 minutes before the start time to join the webinar.

You will be required to have a computer linked to the internet and a data projector or interactive board, with speakers so your team can interact with Karen, ask questions and learn from the comfort of your team room or classroom. You will be able to see and hear Karen and see her slides 🙂

Dates and Times are below - simply click on your country or state and check out all the details. If these do not suit, there is an option for choosing your own private time. If your time zone is not there please email us at [email protected]

How many can participate? Your investment allows all of your teachers to participate on the webinar and this can be done from the comfort of your classroom or team meeting room.

Please Note: This webinar is an introduction to the 8 cultural forces and is an introduction to a further series of 8 webinars that can be purchased as a pre recorded package or scheduled live over a series of weeks/months.  You are not obliged to purchase further as this is a stand alone webinar.