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Modern Learning Environments – the underlying philosophy to success

Modern Learning Environments (MLE) are all the talk in educational circles right now. Schools, around the world, are knocking out walls and creating bright stimulating classrooms with multi purpose furniture and giving students access to technology. On the surface it looks fantastic, however I am concerned that without a big pedagogy shift, students will be […]

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Avoiding Avoidance in the Classroom

Recently a Principal asked me why he was seeing so many students going to the bathroom all day… there are of course many reasons – however I suggested it was possibly not an epidemic of incontinence, it is more likely to be an avoidance tactic. Students can be extremely smart at avoiding doing anything that might be […]

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6 Proven Strategies for Exam Success

The great news is passing exams is more a matter of technique than intelligence. Whatever results you have received in the past, they are NOT a reflection of the results you can achieve this year. Your test scores are not a reflection of your self-worth; they are an evaluation of the learning strategies you have […]

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