Kara-Leah Grant

Speaker & Mentor

Mastering Fear and Uncertainty

You will learn:

* the importance of a parent's state of being on their children

* how fight, flight or freeze works, and how it transmits
* how to shift from fight, flight or freeze and into rest and relax

* the importance of the Mind in dealing with fear and the nervous system
* a clear strategy for dealing with fear and uncertainty when it arises

* the importance of acknowledging and allowing whatever their child is experiencing

* how to hold space for their child 

Kara-Leah specialises in supporting clients to master their minds, identify and dissolve emotional blockages and liberate themselves from conditioning and limiting beliefs. She is a non-dual yoga teacher influenced primarily by the teachings of Shaivism Tantra.

Yoga and meditation has honed Kara-Leah's powers of discernment, process and strategy. She now applies those powers as a mentor, consultant, author, podcaster, teacher, trainer and retreat leader. She is adept at making yoga teachings relevant and accessible to modern living in all areas, including business, parenting, relationships, healing, finances, and the creative life.

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