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Promoting Student Agency Webinar

Student Agency is giving your students the ability to act and take control of their learning. It is about ensuring students know their strengths and weaknesses, can be independent and self-directed, are aware of their next steps and take an increasing responsibility for their learning.In this fast paced webinar, Karen will challenge you and your team to look deeper into what facilitates student agency and provide practical ways to scaffold this in your classroom.

You will cover:

  • ways to empower students to be self-directed
  • the use of metacognition
  • ways to scaffold independence
  • ideas to teach the learning to learn strategies
  • goal setting approaches
  • self monitoring and managing strategies
  • the role of the teacher and how it has changed

* You will require a computer linked to a data projector or interactive board, with internet and speakers and for your team to interact with Karen, ask questions and learn from the comfort of your team room or classroom. 

Dates & Times: (please check time zones below)
Mon:     13th March 4pm – 5pm
Tues:     14 th March 4-5pm
Thurs:   16 March 4-5pm

INVESTMENT is per webinar connection – you may have as many people as you wish watching and participating. $400 for pre scheduled Webinar (shared with other schools)  or $600 for exclusive date & time and personalisation.
To book and pay with a credit card complete the online booking form below
or to be invoiced (payable before the webinar) download the booking form by clicking here

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