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Enhancing Thoughtful Classroom Dialogue

With students hooked into technology, the skill of face to face dialogue is getting less common. Learn ways to enhance thoughtful classroom dialogue through Art Costa’s and Bena Kallick’s Thinking Dispositions. Make conversation meaningful, sustain students’ thinking and improve listening skills.

In this fast paced webinar, Karen will challenge you to create an environment within your classroom that creates thoughtfulness, deep thinking and exciting, relevant dialogue.

You will cover:

  • The language of thinking
  • The power of wait time to increase dialogue and thoughtfulness
  • Practical ways to teach and reinforce listening skills
  • The listening sequence
  • The power of non verbal communication
  • Sustaining & engaging thinking
  • The affect of unproductive, universal and powerful questioning on thinking
  • and so much more

* You will require a computer linked to a data projector or interactive board, with internet and speakers and for your team to interact with Karen, ask questions and learn from the comfort of your team room or classroom. 

Dates & Times (please check time zones below)
No dates are scheduled at this stage – please contact us for a personalised webinar

INVESTMENT is per webinar connection – you may have as many people as you wish watching and participating. $400 for pre scheduled Webinar or $600 for exclusive date & time