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Cultures of Thinking Webinar Series – Making Thinking Visible

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Ron Ritchhart describes the Cultures of Thinking like this: "Within a culture of thinking, students experience school as a place where thinking is valued and given time, rich opportunities for thinking abound in their day-to-day classroom experience, models of thinking are present in the form of seeing teachers and peers as fellow thinkers, and the environment is full with the documentation of thinking. Such environments not only provide for the practice of students’ thinking skills but also help them to foster an inclination toward thinking and to develop a greater awareness of thinking occasions."

Join Karen Boyes via live webinar series to experience and learn practical ideas to establish the Cultures of Thinking through the 8 Cultural Forces and ways to Make Thinking Visible.

You will explore:

  • How Thinking Routines can transform your students depth of thinking
  • Why Expectations are a critical key to success
  • How Modelling who we are as thinkers benefits students
  • Time allocation and ways to ensure students formulate thoughtful responses
  • Using a Language of thinking to promote reflection
  • Ways to show care and respect for the thinking Interactions
  • How to display thinking in the Environment
  • Ways to provide purposeful activities to engage student in thinking
  • plus much more…
* You will require a computer linked to a data projector or interactive board, with internet and speakers and for your team to interact with Karen, ask questions and learn from the comfort of your team room or classroom. Webinars will be recorded and access will be given within 48 hours of live event.

Dates & Times:

Webinars will be 40 -60 mins  (depending on the level of discussion and questions)

Weds:  Feb 28th, Mar 21st, April 4th, May 9th, June 6th, June 27th, Aug 1st, Aug 22nd
If you have missed some dates, the recordings are available.

NZ, Victoria and NSW 4-5pm


Investment is per webinar connection/school – you may have as many people as you wish watching and participating.

$2500 for 8 interactive, informative and engaging Webinars (unlimited participants from your school)
To book and pay with a credit card complete the online booking form below
or to be invoiced (payable before the webinar) download the booking form by clicking here.
NZ Schools: Book online here

Victoria & NSW Schools: Book online here



How many people can attend/watch the webinars? Your investment covers all your teachers, teacher aides and teaching team at your school. The number is unlimited from your school.

How do I connect to the webinars? Once registered and paid, you will receive a Zoom link so you can join. To join you simply click on this link, 10 minutes before start time, and a web page will download and open. To view as a group, please connect your laptop to a projector/screen/smartboard and connect your speakers. You will be able to see Karen and her slides and if you have enabled your laptop video, she will be able to see you. Teachers from your school can also view the webinars live in their classrooms, however we recommend being together as a group to get the full benefit.

Is the content the same as the conference? You will cover the 8 Cultural Forces and in much more depth. Karen will link the Making Thinking Visible routines to each of the cultural forces and expand on the practical ways you can implement these in the classroom.

What if the dates or time doesn't suit? All sessions will be recorded and you will have access to these 48 hours after the live event (probably much sooner actually)

Will the sessions be recorded? Yes and these will be available for viewing at staff meetings, or for new teachers within 48 hours of the live webinar. You and your team will have unlimited access to these videos.